TECBio 2012

Jake Bosin

University of Pittsburgh
Bioengineering, Junior
Mentor: Sanjeef Shroff, Bioengineering/Medicine, Pitt
Project: A coupled heart-systemic arterial circulation model with application to uterine artery Doppler analysis

Jessica Coates

Spelman College
Biology, Senior
Mentor: Elodie Ghedin, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt
Project: Genomic Analysis of an Emergent Pathogen: Monkeypox (MPX) virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Nick Giangreco

University of Rochester
Biochemistry, Junior

Mentor: Tim Lezon, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project:Alternate Conformation Prediction of Vibrio Cholerae concentrative nucleoside transporter

Aditi Hota

Harvard University
Applied Mathematics in Biology, Junior

Mentor: Jim Faeder, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Quantitative Modeling to Represent the Binding of p53-protein interactions and DNA

Taehun Lee

Whitworth College
Biochemistry, Biophysics, History, Senior
Mentor: Michael Grabe, Biological Sciences, Pitt

Project: Characterization of Membrane Protein and Aqueous Protein Stabilities via Free Energy Calculations

Erin McCarthy

Mercyhurst College
Biochemistry, Senior

Mentor: Sean Xie, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pitt

Project: Development of a Novel Classification System for Allergens

Benjamin Narotsky

University of Pittsburgh
Statistics, Economics, Senior
Mentor: Chakra Chennubhotla, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Using Eye Tracking Data to Improve Automated Mammography Image Analysis

David Nicholson

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Computer Science, Sophomore
Mentor: Chris Langmead, Computer Science, CMU
Project: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithm to Support Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Nicolas Pabon

Carnegie Mellon University
Physics, Senior
Mentor: Carlos Camacho, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Refinement and Application of a Novel RNA Polymerase II Crystal Structure

Emily Speranza

Carroll College
Biology, Mathematics, Senior
Mentor: Kris Dahl, Chemical Engineering, CMU

Project: Image analysis of mitochondria texture in response to shear stress in HGPS patients

Jonathan Tyler

University of Kentucky
Mathematics, Biology, Senior
Mentor: Nathan Clark, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Study of accelerated evolutionary rates yields insights in to adaptive evolution and relaxed constraint

Erik Wyatt

St. Olaf College
Emergent Properties, Junior
Mentor: Bard Ermentrout, Mathematics, Pitt

Project: Mixed Turing Patterns and Periodic Orbits